Automated Time Tracking Solutions For Your Remote And Hybrid SaaS Teams

Gain advanced visibility, improve productivity, and achieve your revenue goals much faster with Proton.


Track Your Team’s Work Hours Across Projects And Upsurge
Their Productivity Through Corrective Measures

Proton allows you to monitor the productivity of your SaaS teams in just a few simple steps.

Eliminate distractions

Get domain blockers for distracting websites and applications that kill your team’s productivity.

Manage multiple projects

Use our advanced project management tools that let you work on multiple projects at once without compromising quality.

Motivate your team

Share individual-level reports with your teams to help everyone understand their existing work pattern and identify areas for improvement.

Fasttrack The Growth Of Your SaaS Teams


Comprehensive Analytics For SaaS Leaders

Get real-time visibility into your team’s work hours and productivity and see how it is affecting your revenue goals and profitability.

  • Get custom time-tracking solutions across roles and hierarchies for your SaaS business.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your business through detailed dashboards and summary charts that offer unmatched insights to propel business growth.

  • Analyze time details to identify patterns and use that to steer your team’s productivity levels.


Empower Your HRs and Management

Free your HRs and management teams from mundane tasks related to employee monitoring activities and allow them to focus on revenue-focused activities.

  • Get flexible, rule-based time tracking with complete leave and attendance management.

  • Empower your team leaders to measure the performance of their subordinates and take suitable corrective measures as necessary.

  • Identify top performers and reward them to set an example and motivate others to achieve the same level of success.


Insightful Resource Management For Better Profits

Understand current and future resource requirements through historical reports that offer accurate business analytics.

  • Track and analyze work hours to identify the best performers for your upcoming projects.

  • Improve collaboration between managers and their teams through detailed reports that do not leave room for confusion.

  • Simplify resource allocation by identifying appropriate members through granular insights.

Upsurge The Productivity Levels Of Your SaaS Team With Proton