Seamless Productivity Monitoring To Weed Out Distractions For BPO Agents

Track hours, boost performance, and safeguard your critical organizational resources online with Proton.


Get Measurable Insights Into How Your BPO
Agents Spend Time And Align Everyone On
Shared Organizational Objectives

Proton allows you to monitor the productivity of your BPO agents in just a few simple steps.

Understand agent productivity

Track detailed activities of your BPO agents to understand their performance and measure their productivity through granular insights.

Manage remote teams efficiently

Use productivity insights to help your teams understand their performance and stay focused irrespective of their location.

Protect critical organizational resources

Safeguard organizational resources and data from data leaks through regular monitoring.

Comprehensive Performance Booster
For Your BPO Agents


Increase BPO Agents’ Productivity Seamlessly

Detailed performance insights that help you understand patterns and define new and achievable productivity parameters.

  • Monitor the working styles of your BPO agents at an individual level to identify roadblocks and areas of capitalization.

  • Use daily, weekly, and monthly reports to measure performance over a period and motivate your team to do better.

  • Identify star performers and the ones who need additional support to ensure overall growth and development of your team.


Leverage Random Screenshots To Track System Activities

Periodic screenshots of your BPO agents’ systems that help you understand their working patterns.

  • Understand what applications or websites your team uses while at work.

  • Restrict and block applications or websites that will likely hamper your team’s productivity.

  • Get real-time data and analysis to prevent problems from snowballing into bigger issues.


Improve Decision-making With Advanced Reports

Detailed reports at the individual level across daily, weekly, and monthly timelines to boost your BPO agents’ productivity.

  • Get holistic reports of your BPO agents no matter where they work.

  • Get detailed charts and analysis tools to know how your BPO agents spend their time.

  • Understand trends to identify corrective measures that improve productivity.

Improve Productivity And Output Levels Of Your BPO Team With Proton