Get advanced visibility into your team’s activities to unlock productivity-enhancing areas that help you accomplish your business goals and generate revenue quickly.

Advanced productivity intelligence platform to enhance your remote and hybrid teams’ efficiency


Skyrocket the productivity of your remote and hybrid
teams most seamlessly with Proton

Skyrocket the productivity of your remote and hybrid teams most seamlessly with Proton

Intuitive Dashboards

Motivate your employees to improve their output levels by giving them a holistic picture of their performance and activities.

Domain Blockers

Help your employees overcome distractions by blocking access to websites that distract and kill productivity.

End-to-end Project Management

Create projects and associated tasks, and monitor your employees’ progress through daily updates and reports.

One-stop productivity builder for your
remote and hybrid workforce


Trend-based Productivity Monitoring

Get decisive insights and intelligence from dashboards and reports to identify your top performers and the ones who need assistance.

  • Get productivity insights about your employees to understand their productive and unproductive hours.

  • Use the unproductive activity data to reduce activities that hamper the productivity of your employees.

  • Plan and execute your projects through near-accurate forecasts made possible through employee productivity reports.


One Platform For Everyone

Irrespective of their job function, bring all your internal and external teams to get advanced visibility into your organizational activities.

  • Define the user and team roles based on your organization’s projects and goals.

  • Assign and empower your managers to monitor their team’s activities on the system.

  • Create project deliverables, assign deadlines, and manage their progress in a few steps.


Grow Your Business Effectively

Focus on growing your business through innovative ways instead of worrying about your team’s productivity.

  • Get individual reports for each employee, detailing their productive and unproductive time.

  • Identify top performers and motivate them to do better by offering incentives for their performance that helps improve employee retention.

  • Motivate everyone else in your team to do better by setting a measurable growth framework derived from individual productivity insights.

Help Your Remote and Hybrid Teams Increase Their Productivity with Proton