Manufacturing - Proton

Advanced Productivity Intelligence Platform For Diverse Manufacturing Teams

Take care of all your time and attendance needs to enable improved operational efficiencies and reduced costs.


Get Intelligent Time Tracking Capabilities To Unlock Advanced
Visibility And Control Over Your Manufacturing Business

Proton allows you to monitor the productivity of your manufacturing employees in just a few simple steps.

Custom time capture

Capture the time of your full-time employees, contractors, field, and remote workers across devices.

Reduce time theft

Monitor time round-the-clock to prevent time theft across on-site and remote locations.

Remote management

Use remote and advanced time tracking capabilities to help your teams manage their time effortlessly.

Transform Your Manufacturing Operations
With Accurate Time Tracking


Simplified Costing And Resource Allocations

Wide-ranging jobs and activities functions that accurately capture your team’s work and productivity levels.

  • Track every minute of your field and floor employees through an intuitive app.
  • Get granular time details for each job activity that you can link with estimates to ensure profitability.
  • Leverage the timesheet data at the backend for seamless payroll processing.


Intelligent Validations And Approvals

Add the desired time rules and set up automated validations and approvals for easy processing.

  • Get dynamic workflows that meet your operational requirements and ensure compliance.

  • Capitalize on the streamlined approval system that works in real-time through notifications and alerts.

  • Add any number of people in your approval chain as required.


Custom Dashboards And Reports

Smart and detailed reports and dashboards that offer a 360-degree view of your manufacturing operations.

  • Get dynamic reports and summary charts to understand your team’s productivity levels.
  • Get timely reports with detailed insights that simplify your decision-making process.
  • Use historical data to forecast labor costs for future projects and get a better chance to bag more profits.

Level Up The Productivity Of Your Manufacturing Business With Proton