Advanced Productivity Analytics And Visibility Into Your Insurance Operations

Get smart insights to boost productivity, optimize operations, and scale revenue with Proton.


Gain Operational Visibility And Leverage Data Insights
To Drive Process Efficiencies Across Your Insurance Business

Proton allows you to monitor the productivity of your insurance agents in just a few simple steps.

Manage everything seamlessly

Track time, attendance, and project schedules right from one platform without ever having to switch elsewhere.

Enable process transparency

Get employees’ computer screenshots at random intervals to enable transparency into their work activities.

Identify star performers

Identify hardworking insurance agents and reward them suitably to set an example for others.

Cutting-edge Productivity Builder
For Your Insurance Agents


Measure And Manage Productivity Smartly

Get productivity insights you can measure to optimize operations across your insurance business.

  • Get a detailed breakup of productive and unproductive time spent by your teams.

  • Understand the focused hours of your team to understand the level of distractions.

  • Identify productivity-killing activities and take suitable measures to eliminate them.


Enable Business Compliance And Operational Efficiencies

Ensure your business stays on the right side of the law with streamlined processes.

  • Use advanced time-tracking insights to identify processes that slow down your operations.

  • Take corrective measures based on detailed time insights to optimize your processes.

  • Allocate the right actions and responsibilities to your staff to avoid compliance issues in your operations.


Monitor Website And Application Usage

Understand how your insurance agents use different websites and applications while at work.

  • Get a list of applications and websites your insurance agents frequently spend their time on.

  • Identify productivity killers that are stopping your insurance agents from realizing their full potential.

  • Improve your team’s productivity by removing or restricting unnecessary applications and website usage.

Boost Productivity And Optimize Operations Of Your Insurance Operations