Effective Productivity Monitoring That Enables Superior Healthcare Workforce Management

Overcome operational hassles, lower administrative costs, and enable efficient staffing with Proton.


All-Inclusive Productivity Intelligence Tailor-Made For
Your Healthcare Institution

Proton allows you to uplift the productivity of your healthcare employees in just a few simple steps.

Get configurable tracking

Track your healthcare workers’ schedules irrespective of whether they work during the day or night.

On-the-go time tracking

No matter whether your healthcare staff attends patients at the hospital or home, track their productivity through the intuitive mobile app.

Eliminate paperwork

Say goodbye to tiresome paperwork by automating data entry recording for your healthcare employees.

All-in-one Productivity Intelligence
For Healthcare


Solutions That Cover All Healthcare Areas

Whether you have a large healthcare facility, a small clinic, or offer home care assistance, our productivity intelligence solutions have got you covered.

  • Track the time of your healthcare staff on-site or remotely to make them more productive.

  • Get custom time tracking that covers your varied patient care operations holistically.

  • Get daily, weekly, and monthly reports that give a clear productivity picture to your staff and help them improve.


Capture Every Moment Accurately

Irrespective of where your healthcare staff is, capture their time accurately with each report.

  • Get accurate time sheets that sync with our systems in real-time.

  • Make informed decisions at the right time to address minor issues before they become bigger problems.

  • Get detailed dashboards that give you advanced insights into your healthcare institution’s performance.


Hassle-free Compatibility Across Systems

Say goodbye to compatibility issues as Proton integrates seamlessly across your technology stack.

  • Get detailed time entries and send them into your payroll system.

  • Pay your staff accurately, including the extra hours, by capturing every minute precisely.

  • Enable better compliance with labor laws through accurate time capturing and record management.

Manage Your Healthcare Workforce And Boost Their Productivity With Proton